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Construction Consultant Services Specialist provides professional accessory dwelling unit services for your home or property or when seeking a room addition. Simply relax knowing our room addition service designers and contractors will take note of all your ideal room addition customization’s and develop them into your design. A highly skilled team of architects, engineers, plumbers, labors, and interior designers will work hard to build your new accessory dwelling unit within your proposed time frame. Los Angeles property owners have made us their top choice for ADU building services for well over 12 years. Our live phone operators are here to take your call and provide a free quote anytime you seek reliable, quality, professional accessory dwelling units for your property.

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Since the last 12 years Los Angeles home owners and property owners count on Construction Consultant Services Specialist as their ideal choice when they seek affordable accessory dwelling unit built on their home or property line. Get the extra space you need so your friends and family can move in when need it be. Gain addition income by renting it out so you can level out on finances, which is one of the main reasons why they are built. Construction Consultant Services Specialist will work within your budget and ensure your ADU is built according to city code while still having all the features you want. Our affordable room addition contracting company and design company focuses on each homeowners needs, ideal functionality, and look toward their new accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles. Our accessory dwelling unit services can further assist homeowners by helping them acquire additional funds once it’s built since the new ADU can be rented out. The overall goal of Construction Consultant Services Specialist is to provide affordable accessory dwelling unit services for property owners and land owners who want to invest in their property.

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Construction Consultant Services Specialist is focused upon being the primary source for high quality room additions for the best possible price within the Los Angeles area. Wondering how to gain additional income by having side unit to rent out, adding an accessory dwelling unit is your best option towards your solution. Within recent years there has been a sudden increase in room additions due to a change in California state law that allows the construction of room additions (ADU’s, granny flats) in order to help aid the housing crisis we are currently facing. Various property owners and house owners wanting new rooms or living space have made the choice to call Construction Consultant Services Specialist due to our excellent service. Our company can assist them with their homes via garage conversion to ADU, or by building a whole new area of the home dedicated towards their new ADU build in Los Angeles.